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Sydnee | 16 | CA | ISFP
dean!girl & cas!girl (◡‿◡✿) but don't you dare hate on sammy (⊙‿⊙✿)
otp: destiel + samjess
notp: dean x alcohol

Random Facts about me because about pages are weird
♦I'm a junior in high school who spends far too many hours caring too much about her schoolwork and yet also caring too little
♦I want to study in Applied Media/Design, so multimedia, website design, or graphic design (maybe some of all?? I like 'em all)
♦I'm already taking community college classes towards that goal, as well as a psychology class because of my general ed and I find it interesting
♦I've been dating my boyfriend Bryan for 2 and a half years now and you'll see me mention him through my yo bryan tag occasionally, he has a tumblr and his own yo sydnee tag but doesn't want it known
♦If you give me a nickname i'll love you 6ever
♦I would take naps in forests everyday if bugs didnt exist
♦I like to read & watch tv shows, then cry over them
♦I always need a hug + 5000 dollars in cash so hmu if you have both ok
♦Things I like: popping bubble wrap, poetry, butts, words, coding, design, dragons
♦I will rarely share my opinions of things/personal life on tumblr because I don't want to annoy people, and my blog is a wank and ship hate free place
♦Ship wars don't exist in my world ok friends love is good
♦Ships: destiel, samjess, whouffle, tenrose, johnlock, and more- i'm a unapologetic multishipper with a tendency to get emotionally invested
♦I'll read fics for any ship and really am not picky at all & don't have an actual notp
Here is a list of my fandoms
Here is my face
♦Other places you can contact me are my roosterteeth blog & my ello account. I also have a photography and a poetry blog, so if you ask for those urls I'll give them to you
♦My skype is always open to mutuals, or if we've talked a few times! Just ask and you shall recieve
♦Quite honestly the best way to get to know me is to just shoot me an ask

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Please visit this page if you're having a bad night
you are a celestial being; you are made of love and stardust. there is somebody that smiles every time they hear your name. you are precious; please treat yourself kindly and remember that you are one of the universe’s few remaining treasures (x)

dean is bi
dean winchester is better than you.
dean winchester is better than me.
dean winchester is better than everyone.
fucking dean winchester who reads kurt vonnegut and harper lee and can shoot a gun with the best of them and knows how to talk to kids and doesn’t trust easily but loves fiercely and is the best damn hunter the world has ever seen and drinks too much because he cares too much and makes the greatest homemade burgers and keeps a photo of his mother by his bed and ugh
sammy is my little brother, cas is my fallen angel, and dean is my everything
my love for team free will transcends galaxies and death

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Grumpy Matt

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